"California is always on my mind." —David Hockney. 
Pictured is Hockney’s famous work, A Bigger Splash. 


Stephen Sollins
Yellow pencils and students of the year! BBC Suitcase 
Won this last night for BBC Suitcase and had a nice write up in Creative Review 

Justified Issue 2! Here

Bruton typeform has been constructed from studying the Barbican, a powerful brutal structure that is renowned for it’s architectural process ‘Béton brut’. This process involves concrete left unfinished or roughly-finished after pouring and then exposed to dry. The use of béton brut was pioneered by Auguste Perret and Le Corbusier and flourished as a part of the brutalist architecture of the 1960s and 70s.This investigation was to graphically represent the space of the Barbican. Experiments such as dissecting the floor plans and undertaking 2D to 3D experiments were conducted. This provided shapes and forms completely personal to the space. The typeface Bruton has been developed to be experienced as an exhibition.
Putting my work up for the show!
new projects
My Final Major Project ‘Bruton Typeform’ is up on my Behance